FARROKH Method for Sport Talent Identification
Sport Talent Identification
Sport Talent Identification
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Process You can apply to a scheme in a simple three step process: Step 1 - Register on the site. You can register for your ward. Step 2 - Create a profile. This is a very important step. Every year several people apply to the scheme. In order to get shortlisted provide as much information as you can specially if you have been a sport person and participated in competitions before. Step 3 - Apply for a scheme. Once you have created your profile you can apply to any eligible scheme.
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The early identification of talented individuals is considered increasingly important across many performance domains. Research has shown that proper identification of athletic talent has many benefits. It would save lots of time, energy, material and money for families and eventually the country.

Our mission is to use technology in order to help professionals to identify the most Sports talented person.


Mahdi Soleimani Farrokh

PhD. of Physical Education and Sports Science

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